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Over the past 4 years, Talent Education is committed to offer the finest education to high school and undergraduate students. We adopt a diversified teaching models including test review seminars, small-size weekly classes, one-to-one special tutoring. We have been designing the best course model according to the students’ starting level to ensure that each student can understasnd the lecture materials in the shortest time. Our instructors are all excellent and enthusiastic talents from top-tier universities in North American universities such as the University of Toronto, with rich teaching experience and clear logic. We uphold a responsible teaching and service attitude to all students, and are committed to helping students solve academic problems and achieve their expected academic excellence.

Talent Education 专注于提供海外高中及本科教育培训及配套服务。我们采取多样化教学模式,从小班周课到一对一专项辅导,根据学员起点水平设计最佳课程模式,保证学员在短期内能够最高效率的接受课堂内容。授课老师均是来自多伦多大学等北美名校各大专业的优秀人才,教学经验丰富,授课逻辑清晰。我们秉持对学员负责的教学及服务态度,致力于帮助学员解决学业难题,实现预期目标。


Achieve Your Excellence

Weekly/ Biweekly Class

We offer weekly/ biweekly class to reinforce the knowledge delivered in lecture of that week. The course booklets prepared by our instructor cover all relavent course materials and sample questions.

Test Preparation Seminars

The goal of the test preparation seminar is to help student understand the course materials in a limited time. Our instructors will comprehensively breakdown all tricks of test questions.

Individual Tutoring Session

Set the study schedule to your own pace. Individualized tutoring is available for most subjects. Whatever you require 1v1, 1v2, or 1v3 sessions, we will have the options for you to choose.

Graduate School Consulting

Our admissions experts will work with you to make sure your application showcases your best self in an attractive, school-specific style to give you a competitive edge.

Career Development Service

Enrich your university life with real industrial experience. We offer internship referral in major companies in America and China. Besides, we can help you to get your first job.


Coursese Offered

GRE Ultimate Preparation Course 2021

适合人群 大二大三在读,准备用GRE弥补GPA不足或提高研究生申请竞争力的同学。 目标在320分,并想冲刺330分的同学。 打算申请美国及英国G5名校项目的同学。 希望通过课程备考,加快学习进度,高效完成学习任务,提高分数的同学。 授课导师 前任新东方GRE教学主管领班。 导师均为GRE高分获得者,毕业自北美顶尖高校,为每位学员高分做准备。 每位导师均有上万小时一对一以及小班授课经验,带出大量330+高分学员。 授课逻辑严密,思路清晰,直击要害。 …



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